Using Kids Meditation Stories to Teach Your Children

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Kids meditation stories can provide the calming effect of doing meditation, without being so intense that it would create trouble. Meditative techniques for kids are best done with guidance from adults and children can be influenced by this. There are various ways to bring about meditation in kids such as stories, music, and discussions. These allow kids to become relaxed and absorbed with their environment.

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When talking about kids meditation stories, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind. These can include the age of the child, the kind of meditation being done, the environment and the purpose of meditating. All these things can influence the type of story that will work. While a lot of kids enjoy stories about animals, some kids will not. If it is a story on meditation or a spiritual aspect, it will be much more effective.

It is better to choose a simple meditation technique such as sitting or walking meditation. This will not be too difficult for most kids to master. They can easily relate to it through example. A lot of kids like stories about animals. If the story involves walking meditation, the kid can relate the activity to the experience of walking the dog, going for a walk or simply going to the beach. Such stories are also very effective when it comes to helping kids learn how to meditate.

On the other hand, a story on meditation can be very complex. It could have something to do with astral projection and transcendental realms. However, this depends on the popularity of the author. Such a story is sure to be fascinating for kids, especially those who have already developed interest in meditation. Such a story should contain interesting characters and a conclusion that will help them gain new insight on meditation.

Music can also be a major factor in the development of kids meditation stories. Music aids in calming down the mind. Hence, such stories should have relaxing music, in harmony with the meditation activity. Some kids will enjoy classical music more than others but this depends on the preference of the kids.

Besides this, there should be appropriate images or pictures that will help kids relax and become engrossed in the story. This will allow kids to immerse themselves deeper into the story. In fact, pictures play such an important role in the creation of kids meditation stories. The more detailed the image, the more it will affect the kids. If the image is moving or blurring, the kids will not find it as interesting.

You can find lots of kids meditation stories online. You can also find many books available on meditation and nature that can be made into children’s meditation stories. These books can be bought from the local bookstore or you can search online for the same. The important thing is to provide an appropriate backdrop to the meditation activity so that kids feel calm and relaxed.

 Bottom Line

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Some kids’ books have very touching story lines and they are a favorite among parents. These kids meditation stories can help improve the mental abilities of your kids. When they grow up and start to choose their own path in life, they will surely be thankful to you for the influence you gave to them. So, buy kids’ books with a purpose of imparting relevant information to your kids and you will be most appreciated.

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