Types And Benefits Of Daily Meditation For Kids

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These days many kids and students have been recorded suffering from depression and anxiety. Which finally leads them to the path of suicide or lifetime depression. This stress and anxiety grow due to the increasing weight of books and stress on them. We suggest that every student should do meditation. We will provide you with some benefits and types of daily meditation for kids that will surely help them reduce their stress or anxiety.

Meditation is a popular mind-body practice that generations have practiced for many years. It can help reduce stress and calms your mind and body. There are a lot of benefits of daily meditation for kids. Meditation is beneficial for people of all ages, including kids.

Benefits And Types Of Daily Meditation For Kids As Well As Adults

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Benefits Of Daily Meditation For Kids

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Meditation has many crucial benefits for people of all ages. These are the following advantages:-

  • It helps in relieving pain
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Help in overcoming anxiety and other mental health conditions
  • It helps in reducing stress
  • Enhances our mood

Some earlier research showed a decrease in attention problems among students aged 9-13 who took part in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for children(MBCT-C). The decrease in most of the symptoms was particularly significant among the participants who had anxiety problems at the start of the study.

A more recent study from a 2016 survey shows the effects of mindfulness meditation training programs on a small group of children between the ages of 7 and 8 years. The results suggested a direct link between meditation practice and a reduction in attention problems.

Types Of Daily Meditation For Kids

There are several different but must know types of meditation for kids, all of which usually involve similar elements. These include:-

  • A quiet space with limited distractions
  • A comfortable position
  • A particular focus of attention
  • An open attitude from the person meditating

Types Of Meditations


This type of mindfulness meditation often uses breathing exercises to assist you in focusing the mind. It can sometimes also involve a person focusing their entire attention on a specific thought, body part, or sound.

Guided Meditation

With this elegant type of meditation, the person meditating listens to a guide, teacher, or practitioner_ either in person or via audio recording. Usually, forms of guided meditation have a very specific purpose, such as letting go, helping with insomnia, overthinking, or anxiety.

Mantra Meditation

This kind of meditation involves constantly repeating a specific word or saying, even sometimes out loud. “Om” is a common mantra or subliminal that people often chant at the start and end of their yoga practice. Repeating the same phrase as part of meditation helps focus the mind and limit distracting thoughts.


All in all, Appropriate forms of meditation and the optimal length of practice may vary depending on the child’s age. Here are a few types and benefits of daily meditation for kids. These meditation exercises help in overcoming stress and anxiety and allow us to fully concentrate on any work.

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