Top 5 Spiritual Meditation Guides

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Many meditation guides are in the market nowadays, owing to the stressful conditions that many people experience throughout their lives. Meditation is the best way for you to remove toxicity in your life. It is free, and it is full of benefits. To take note, it is also easy to do as long as you are passionate about it.

There are many kinds of guided meditation that you can try. Spiritual Meditation is one of them. According to a source, it is about the conscious connection to the highest matters through self-reflection.

It has proven useful to help improve a person’s spirituality by attuning them with their inner self, which brings the listener inner peace. With that in mind, here is the list of the best spiritual guided meditation in the market.

Spiritual Meditations Guides to Try

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Tara Brach

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Tara Brach’s meditation guides are in four groups: Basic, Heart, Open Awareness, and Special Meditations/Reflections. Her guided meditation focuses on self-compassion to combat stress, anxiety, and other problems the listener faces. Her guided meditations are said to be a mix of therapy and meditation.

The Honest Guys

The Honest Guys are one of the best spiritual guided meditations in the market due to their deep relaxation focus. Rick Clarke guides the listener throughout the process, using the background sound of waves crashing as a metronome for the listener’s breathing. What makes The Honest Guys good is that their entire catalog of guided meditations is free on Youtube.

Gabby Bernstein

This guided meditation used walking meditation as an approach. Gabby Berstein’s chipper voice helps keep the listener awake as Gabby guides him/her through the meditation. The steps and the listener’s breathing become synchronized, causing the listener to fall into a meditative trance. This meditation is designed to combine meditation and exercise for people to save time.


Calm uses guided meditation to combat the listener’s stress and anxiety. Calm’s guided meditations are to be used in the morning to help minimize the listener’s tension throughout the day. The meditation lasts 10 minutes and uses deep belly breathing and body awareness as a primer for the body’s relaxation, before focusing on the listener’s thoughts.

Jason Stephenson

This guided meditation focuses on helping the listener sleep through the use of the body’s Seven Chakras. Jason Stephenson uses the seven chakras to diagnose which parts of the listener’s body and lives experience stress and anxiety, and give the listener energy healing. This focus on chakras helps make this spiritual guided meditation one of the best you can have.


Do you know yourself? If you can’t answer this question, try doing a spiritual meditation now. The list above has abundant guides to help you find your best fit. It is never wrong to try something as long as it can benefit you.

Meditation is a time-tested skill that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Help yourself with it, and you will never regret doing it, especially the Spiritual Meditation. Get to know yourself better so you can be better.

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