Some Widely Practiced Types Of Meditation

types of meditation

Meditation is an old tradition, yet it is still practiced in civilizations worldwide to promote inner peace and harmony. Although meditation has connections to many different religious beliefs, it is more about changing consciousness, gaining awareness, and reaching serenity than faith.

Meditation is becoming more popular these days, as there is a growing need to alleviate stress in the middle of our hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles. Although there is no correct or incorrect method to meditate, selecting a practice that matches your requirements and compliments your personality is critical. Hence, we discuss some widely practiced types of meditation:

Mindfulness Meditation

Practiced Types

Mindfulness meditation is the most common meditation practice in the West, and it derives from Buddhist teachings.

You pay attention to your ideas as they flow through your mind during mindfulness meditation. You don’t pass judgment on the ideas or become entangled in them. You merely observe and note any patterns that emerge.

This technique combines attention and awareness. While observing any physiological sensations, thoughts, or feelings, you may find it beneficial to focus on an item or your breath.

Spiritual Meditation

Practiced Types

Spiritual meditation is practiced in Eastern faiths such as Hinduism and Daoism, and the Christian faith. It’s similar to prayer in that you contemplate the stillness around you and seek a greater connection with your God or the Universe. Essential oils are frequently used to enhance spiritual experiences.

You can conduct spiritual meditation at home or in a religious setting. This exercise is good for people who thrive in quiet and want to improve spiritually.

Focused Meditation

Concentration utilizing any of the five senses is required for focused meditation. You can, for example, focus on something internal, such as your breath, or bring in external factors to assist you in focusing your attention. Listening to a gong or looking at a candle flame are all good ways to relax.

Although this exercise appears to be straightforward in principle, it might be difficult for novices to maintain their attention for more than a few minutes at first. If your attention wanders, it’s critical to return to the practice and refocus. As the name implies, this technique is perfect for anyone who needs to focus more in life.

Movement Meditation

Although most people associate movement meditation with yoga, it may also encompass wandering through the woods, gardening, qigong, and other peaceful types of motion.

It is an energetic style of meditation in which your movements guide you. People who find calm in motion and like to let their minds wander would benefit from movement meditation.


Meditation is more about you finding peace and tranquility than it is about your faith. Meditation is widely practiced all over the world, and there have been new types developing over time. This post discusses some widely practiced types of meditation.

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