Relaxation Meditation Guide – What To Do Before You Start Meditating

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Relaxation meditation is a method which is quite helpful for people who want to relax. Meditation is a form of exercise and it is important to know that there are many kinds of relaxation meditation techniques. Different techniques will work for different people because we all have different ways of thinking. Some people find sitting very relaxing while others find it very hard to concentrate. If you think that meditation is difficult, then here are some relaxation meditation guide that will be very useful. The first thing you need to do is to set the mood.

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When you want to meditate you need to set the right mood. You can achieve this by dimming the lights or by putting some music on your way. Next you need to prepare yourself mentally. You need to get yourself prepared for what is coming. If you do not prepare yourself, then you will find the relaxation meditation guide difficult to follow.

Meditation is not about doing the same thing over again. It is about getting in touch with yourself and finding out what really works for you. Meditation is a state of peace and relaxation and therefore you need to prepare yourself mentally before starting your relaxation meditation guide. You need to be calm and collected.

Meditation should always start with deep breathing. This is the foundation of any relaxation meditation guide. You need to inhale gradually through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this several times and you will notice how easy it is.

Do not follow others when they are doing relaxation meditation. There are many ways to do it like rolling the head from side to side, squeezing the muscles and other such methods. Try to do it your own way. Try to observe your body and your mind while doing this exercise. After few weeks, you will know what works for you and what does not.

The second step in your relaxation meditation guide is to set the mood. Create a pleasant atmosphere by creating some fresh atmosphere using flowers, music, lights and good scents. Do not think about work or anything else when you are meditating.

Another important tip to keep in mind when trying to relax is to visualize yourself relaxing. You can visualize yourself lying somewhere beautiful, breathing deeply and with relaxed mind. Imagine yourself enjoying the warm feelings coming out from your body and enveloping your whole being. Visualize yourself as completely free of worries and tension.

You can even use these relaxation meditation guide techniques even at work places. It helps in reducing stress and achieving relaxation. If you are worried and tensed, you will never relax. At least when you meditate at work places, your colleagues will appreciate your efforts and you can show off your new skills. So what are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts 


A relaxation meditation guide will tell you how to make meditation more enjoyable. This involves listening to slow and relaxing music or tapes. You can also watch television shows with relaxing content or videos with calming images. Another effective way is to spend some time alone and just observe the world around you. You can look at nature or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

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