Meditation Video For Kids – Teach Your Children To Take Control Of Their Bean

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Meditation is a very beneficial activity that strengthens the mind and calms down the restless minds of kids. As soon as a kid reaches six years old, parents must inculcate the habit of meditating into them for just five to fifteen minutes. Kids’ meditation processes are entirely different from adults’. There are several meditation videos that one can play for the kids which are playful yet meditative. YouTube has got enormous quality Meditation Video For Kids that helps a child’s mind to become fully observant, intelligent, creative, and better conscience. These all meditation processes can help a child to face anxiety, stress, and frustrating situations in a more positive way. 

Balloon Guided Meditation For Kids

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This is a most famous, highly shared, and top-liked Meditation Video For Kids uploaded by Cosmic Kids Yoga. This is a pretty small six minutes video that helps a child to visualize finding a red balloon. The gentle voice in the video helps in the mindful peace and guided relaxation for kids which is best for evening or afternoon meditation. 

Mindfulness Meditation For Kids

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Mindfulness Meditation Video For Kids is an extremely helpful meditation to make the child more observant and calms down the restless minds of kids. This video is uploaded by New Horizon which basically deals with breathing exercises of kids focusing on the kids’ breathing patterns. This can be the best morning meditation for kids. The video is twelve minutes long and is very highly viewed. 

Breathe Meditation For Kids

This is also a breathing Meditation Video For Kids which focuses on a child’s breathing pattern and helps the child to relax. This is a more calming video due to its sweet peaceful background music. The video is six minutes long with over 1 million views uploaded by Meditation Channel. This can certainly guide a child to have more focus due to its traditional method of meditating. 

Guided Meditation – Gratitude Tree

This is the best Meditation Video For Kids that involves a story focusing on gratitude. This video is uploaded by Cory’s Conscious living and is a twenty-minute long traditional meditation type video with over 8k views. This is a bedtime meditation for kids which teaches morality to the children and helps the child to learn about gratitude greetings. The video is also great for focused breathing meditation. 

Morning Meditation Routine

Morning meditation routine videos are many over the internet and all are very useful for the kids. Parents can pick out any morning meditation routine video which tells amazing stories to the children side by side helping them to focus more and actively participate in the morning mind training. This morning meditation freshens up the child’s sleepy mind resulting in a good peaceful and calm mind. 

Cosmic Counting Peace Video

This is a guided 6 minutes long Meditation Video For Kids from the channel Cosmic Kids Yoga to help out children to attain peace of mind. This type of counting meditation also creates a better mathematical strong counting for young children. This video has proven to be very helpful and enjoyable for kids with over 207k views that tells the kids to count the breathing in the whole 6 minutes. It also increases kids’ focus and mindfulness. 


Meditation done via these video sessions would help the child to meditate in a fun learning way. All the meditation videos help to increase mindfulness that is mind’s concentration, focusing, and calms the rushing minds of kids. It’s a great habit to inculcate meditation into kids which would certainly be a great help in the future to deal with problems, and stressful situations calmly and relatively making kids better at decision making.

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