Samadhi: Facts About -

Samadhi: Facts About

Lesser Known Facts About Samadhi

The word Samadhi is often misunderstood. Indeed, people think that it just means a certain death-like situation. However, Sama and Dhi are different words. Sama means equanimity and Dhi means buddhi or intellect. When you reach the state of equanimous of your intellect, you acquire the state of samadhi.

An Introduction To The Definition Of Samadhi

You would be capable of distinguishing between a tree and a person because you have got a practical intellect. This special quality for discriminating things happens to be pivotal for existence. Suppose you want to break a stone. For that, you will have to distinguish between your fingers and the stone that you want to break. Else, there is a sheer possibility that your fingers will get hurt. As such, discrimination happens to be an instrument supporting and executing instincts of survival for everyone.

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Samadhi: Lesser Known Facts About

The State Of Connection

Humans are spiritual beings with a body. A spirit is always present with you, and a source always remains connected with the entire universe. This happens to be the state where the importance of all the material possessions fades away and loses meaning. This results in making people realize that they don’t own anything. In this case, your body is never your possession. At a certain point in time, your physical appearance will start getting dissolved.

Additionally, everything in the physical universe would eventually disappear. What remains eternal is the existence of spirits. This is the inner knowledge that everyone needs to learn.

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Samadhi: Lesser Known Facts About

How Does Samadhi Fit In The Daily Chores Of Life

In the first place, it might seem something very far away to try and bring the existence of Samadhi in your daily life. However, if you live in an isolated place, you would get familiar with its importance. When you can get rid of your ego or other judgmental and comparing approaches, you will be able to understand more about it. When you feel that others are divine and that so are you, you would then be able to move closer to the state of the connection.


Enlightenment to your soul doesn’t come by accident. It just requires effort and also dedication. Each moment in your life can bring an opportunity for practicing the great journey towards the enlightenment of your soul.

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