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Meditation is good for health, mental peace, and psychologically also. Meditation can be done in many ways. Not only learning, but teaching meditation also makes sure your mind gets clear. Maintaining a good posture, having a peaceful mind, and breathing perfectly are encompassed under a good meditation.

Meditation is common, but do you know what guiding meditation is? 

It is also called visualization or guided imagery. In guided meditation, you will follow the instructions of an instructor through audio or video.

How to carry on a perfect guided meditation?

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There is a proper way to learn guided meditation. Let us see what they are:

  • First and foremost, plan what you will be doing Take a rehearsal if needed
  • Make sure the room is comfortable where you will be practicing
  • Try putting a ‘ Do not disturb ‘ sign while you’re practicing in front of your room
  • Make sure you have all the required materials near you
  • Turn off your mobile or put it in airplane mode
  • Turn your lights off
  • Turn on music, if needed
  • Engage well

Advantages Of Guided Meditation

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Guided meditation has many benefits. Let us see some of them:

  • Guided meditation stimulates mood, fatigue
  • People with multiple sclerosis can be benefited more from a guided meditation
  • You can fight anxiety, depression, and negative vibes
  • You can get rid of exhaustion
  • Your concentration power increases if you follow a guided meditation
  • If your concentration power increases, you can develop your skills quicker
  • Memory power becomes quite big

The Disadvantages Of Guided Meditation

Though there are many advantages of guided meditation, there are a few disadvantages also. Let us see what they are:

  • Guided meditation may not be followed by professionals and experts
  • If you are listening to an audio file, it may be repetitive
  • One may feel bored while listening to this completely
  • Also, one of the main disadvantages of guided meditation is that you may not learn it deeper

Notes To Be Kept In Mind While Working On Guided Meditation

  • Nervousness is common while starting the process. You will feel better gradually.
  • Try maintaining silence throughout
  • If you’re an instructor, make sure you make your students comfortable.
  • An instructor need not talk in a meditation voice; he/she can speak in a normal tone.
  • Give proper instructions to your students while meditating
  • Ask your student’s honest feedbacks and sort out things


In conclusion, meditation gives a person a peaceful mind and a healthy lifestyle. Guided meditation will be the right choice if you want to learn everything from your home, in your free time. You can become a whole new person when you start meditating, and you will feel the difference gradually. A peaceful mind is what all of us need. Meditation will help you achieve this.

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