How to Pray For Spiritual Growth and Develop a Soft Heart

pray for spiritual growth

It is important to pray for spiritual growth in our day. Spiritual growth is a step on the road to eternal life with God. It helps us grow in knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom are two key ingredients in being spiritual. And being spiritual is having a sense of who we are and what we are about.

An Overview

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Paul said that true spiritual growth takes place through Christ, because He is the Way back to the Father. Most people go back to God through Christ, but some choose to go to Him through the Word. I encourage you to pray for spiritual growth through involvement in Christian fellowship. There are many wonderful ministries that incorporate prayer requests into their service. Here are four suggestions for how to participate:

Suggestions For Participation

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-In my experience as a Christian who has grown spiritually in Christ, the best way to pray for this is to be in the presence of God. The Bible is full of prayer requests made to the Lord. Being in the presence of Jesus will draw us closer to him and give us a deeper understanding of his teachings.

– pilgrims -pray for spiritual growth on a daily basis, not just when the opportunity arises. The book of Acts describes how Paul went into Jerusalem with Epaphras and Apollos. They had a great discussion about the way God was working among the people there. While on this journey, they saw many instances of the Gentiles in synagogue being tormented by demons. It is my belief that these events helped Paul and Podalius understand the essence of what it means to be spiritual. If you have never experienced a spiritual growth while participating in a walk with God, I encourage you to do so.

-Seek out sermons and bible study books that outline the ways to pray for spiritual growth. A lot of people just pray and go about their business, never really finding out where they are going or why. It is my desire to share with you some of the ways to develop an understanding of the bible and how it can help you grow as a person. The Bible includes God’s wisdom, love and power for salvation. It contains stories of love and goodness from the bible. The bible shows us how we can come to earth with all our sin stains and still be considered one with the Lord.

-Seek out bible study books that outline the different keys things to remember when praying for someone’s life. Many times we are not aware of the things that we should be doing to encourage someone’s soul. Many of these key things involve the Holy Spirit. Some important keys things to remember for those who are walking in the footsteps of Christ are to walk in love, hope and faith, and to have a constant vision of God.

Other Tips

-When you pray, spend time on what is important to you. Many Christians only pray and read the Bible. But the truth of the matter is the Bible contains God’s words for us to walk and to move towards. When you are walking in the footsteps of Christ, you will already have the answers to any question you may have about Him. You will already know what to do to get what it is you want from Him.

-We also need to realize that we are all walking in the footsteps of Christ. Walking in the footsteps of Christ does not mean we have to become like him. We all have free will and it is up to us to choose what path we want to take with our lives and if we find that Jesus walks with us, then that is what makes us truly spiritual.

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