Guided Meditation For Spirits – Use Your Spirit Guide

guided meditation spirit guide

Now, in this busy routine, the body transmits clear indications that indicate its physical requirements. The result is that very few people are able to spend quality time taking care of their bodies. And, the consequence of this lack of time is the tension and stress.

Many women often think they don’t need any spiritual guidance, but the opposite is true. Many women have a hard time realizing that they are not alone in the world. Sometimes, there are constant reminders for women that they are not alone in this world. Guided meditation spirit guide is the most effective tool to use to realize this. These guided meditations help you experience the real essence of being a woman.

A guided meditation can be of any nature. They can be of a religious nature or of non-religious nature. There are different types of spirit guides. Let’s look at a few of them.

Angel Guidance

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This type of meditation is performed by a professional who practices to contact or communicate with the guardian angels. This is an important meditation since the angels are responsible for guiding a person to take right actions.

It also plays an important role in healing and bringing joy in one’s life. There are different types of angel guidance: angel connections, angel communication, angel therapy and angel judgment.

Spirit Guide

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A spirit guide meditation aims at creating the space between you and God. They are also responsible for providing you answers about your purpose in life. Spirit guides are the messengers or connectors between you and God.

They are like a spiritual counsellor or a mentor. The different types of spirit guides are: Spiritual mentors, spiritual guides, life-giver and life-shaper spirit guides.

Guardian Angel

A guardian angel is responsible for providing people with moral, emotional and intellectual growth. They act as a mediator between humans and God. They can be individuals or institutions. The different types of spirit guide meditation for guardian angels are: Self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, intuition, spiritual needs, life-giving and life-shaping.

The different types of spirit guides mentioned above can act as our guiding force in every walk of life. You can choose one from them depending on your personal needs. You can get information on different types of them from online sites dedicated to spiritual guides.

A Positive Attitude, Patience And Courage

Meditation for spirit guides involves centering yourself and listening to your angels’ guidance. This is an excellent way to develop inner peace. It allows you to learn how to develop a positive attitude, patience and courage. It helps you understand your relation to your guardian angels as well as other spirits.

Meditation for guardians includes various techniques such as visualizations, affirmations, mantras, and meditation. Visualization is one of the most popular guided meditation techniques. In this technique you visualize beautiful things including images, sounds, colors and tastes. You can visualize anything according to your choice.


Affirmations are words or sentences that are meant to communicate with guardian angels. You can write them down, read them from a book or make them speak to your angels. You can ask for help and your angel will listen to you. Mantras can also be used to communicate with your angels.

Some of the best guided meditation programs include the Learn Where To Begin meditation program by Michael and Ruth Yorgman and Learn How To Get Your Angel To Listen by Bonnie Bricell. These programs contain all the basics necessary for a successful guided meditation. Other guided meditation courses can also help you increase your skills and knowledge on meditation. These include programs such as: A Course in Miracles, The Inner Doorway of the Mind, Lucid Dreaming, and the Law of Attraction.

Final Words

Guided meditation for spirits is not just for beginners. It is also for those who want to improve their skills in divination and who would like to learn more about their guides (angelic guides). Some people even want to visit their spirit guides. They feel that they can become better angels if they can see them.

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