Guide to Meditation – Starting With Guided Imagery

guide to meditation

This guide to meditation was created as an introductory introduction for anybody interested in mindfulness and meditation. If you’re new to the subject and you’re just beginning, you will discover answers to all your biggest questions and even more to what you may still be confused by. This is your guide to meditation and it includes information that will help you become a better mediator. It’s a good read and very informative. It is very systematic.

Different Types Of Meditation

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One thing that you will discover in your reading is that there are many different types of meditation. In fact, there are so many types of meditation that it would take another article to discuss them all. But I will tell you that one thing that you can practice is Yoga. It’s a powerful yet very relaxing form of mediation. Yoga is the ancient practice of meditation with physical poses. It’s another way to let go.

Practice Meditation Is Through Guided Imagery

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Another way to practice meditation is through Guided Imagery. This method uses certain words or images to induce a relaxed state of relaxation. These techniques are sometimes referred to as “mindfulness techniques.” They are used in conjunction with yoga to bring about lasting peace of mind. This can also be another way to let go.

If you want to start meditating but you’re not sure how to do it, try some of these techniques. There are books and courses on the market that will give you some excellent guidance in how to meditate the easy way. However, if you’re serious about learning how to meditate properly and in a way that will benefit you long-term, it’s best to learn from a teacher.

Visualizing A Word Or Phrase While Scanning Your Body

One free awareness exercise is visualizing a word or phrase while scanning your body. For example, if you’re going to start to meditate, visualize your left hand beginning to move toward the right ear. Scan your body using your eyes, mind, and heart. Start in the center of your forehead and extend outward, moving to the top of your head and then down again.

Another exercise is focused awareness meditation. This is similar to yoga, but there’s a big difference. In yoga, you use breathing to reach inner peace. In focused awareness, you focus on an object, sound, feeling or whatever it is you’re focusing on. You have a mantra in your mind and anytime you feel distracted, you can change your mantra to something else.

Bottom Line

The key is to start meditating for yourself every day. Make a plan to do so. Then commit to taking action every day to take your meditation to the next level. Remember to focus on the present. And finally, let go of any thoughts of who you are and what you have to do by allowing the voice of your mind to take over and guide you in the direction of your goal.

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