Gorgeous Buddha Wall Art That Is the Perfect Decorative Wall Piece for Any Space in Your Home!

Confused about what can be a great option to not only furnish the empty walls of your house but also match with their color? What about some wall paintings? But, if you are looking for a spiritual feel besides furnishing the walls and making great color combinations, we have something for you. 

Just think of meditating in a silent room, and in another case, a silent room with a spiritual vibe. In which room will meditation be more effective? Obviously, the one with silence and spirituality. Because of this, Halfemart has designed this wall painting for both purposes, decorating the walls and meditation. 

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About The Halflemart Meditating Buddha Wall Painting

Halflemart’s meditating Buddha wall painting matches the best with your requirements. Its high-quality canvas, waterproof ink, and great color combinations are sufficient to attract anyone. 

As per your convenience, you can choose among various sizes. Except for the sizes, everything is the same in all the paintings. This product costs you in the range of $15 to $40.02. 

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Pros of Halflemart Meditating Buddha Wall Painting

Modern Design And Great Color-combinations 

One of the best things about this painting is its modern design. It isn’t like other regular wall paintings with different colors. Just different shades of black and fiery yellow are used. Thus, these two colors make a great color combination and the same reflects in this painting also. 

Unbeatable Quality

In terms of quality and durability, this painting is unbeatable. The first thing is waterproof ink. Halflemart has used waterproof ink in fabricating this painting. Moreover, spraying is so accurate that one can’t believe that it’s made of spray paints. A high-quality canvas supports it as a durable base. Besides all these, there is a thin layer of dust-resistant material on it so that the painting may not get spoiled while exposed to a dusty environment or while touching it.

Versatile In Usability

Versatility is another plus point of this meditating Buddha wall painting. Not only in your meditation or yoga hall, but also you can use it in living rooms, bedrooms, cafes, offices, and guest rooms. Furthermore, you are free to choose any size according to the dimensions of the wall. It is available in 7 different sizes.

Cons Of This Product

Coming to the cons of this product, the only flaw is that this wall painting doesn’t come with any frame. To set it up on the wall, you have to get a frame additionally. Cash on delivery service is not available on this product. 


In this price range, you are getting a painting with modern design, waterproof spray paints, it’s more than the expectations. In terms of customizations in size, it’s also great. But, if the frame is an issue, you can prepare it by own with 4 strips of hard cardboard. 

So, in comparison to the pros, the cons are almost negligible. In our opinion, Halflemart’s meditating Buddha wall painting is a great option.

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