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guided kids meditation

In this time, the pandemic has swept away most people. This matter includes kids and it is harder for them. They have developed anxiety from stress. These experiences are definitely not good if they persist.

The kids must know how to calm themselves and you can help through the guided kids’ meditation. With the help of advanced technology, kids can find unique and helpful ways to help them deal with their anxieties and stress. The meditation guide is free so it will not cost you to bring more ease to your children today.

All we want for our kids is to be happy and well, not only today but for the rest of their lives. Educating them about meditation at an early age will help them keep calm and feel at peace with themselves despite all the stress and anxieties in life. It can be a lifestyle that they can use as they go up.

You can teach your kids the meditation fundamentals with comfortable and enjoyable breathing exercises. Generally, these are effective methods for kids of different ages to know concentration and relaxation techniques.

The guide is fun and easy to do. Hence, here are some of the free meditation guides from all sources for kids that you could use to help them. Make the best out of these exercises, you can even do it with them.

Easy Meditation Guide for Kids

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Youtube Videos

Nowadays, free exercise tutorials are not the only ones in Youtube. There are also many videos about meditation for kids to learn how to do easy and quick calming exercises to help them stay focused and relax.

These videos are only short and focus more on deep breathing to ease tension and clear everything in your kid’s mind. Notably, these YouTube meditation videos have cartoon characters, soothing voice-over guiding your kids on what to do, sounds, and music. These are surely great for your kids.

Music and Audios

One of the best free guided kids meditation is through listening to relaxing music. Generally, this type of music helps kids concentrate more on studying and keeping their feelings at ease. On the other hand, audios tell good stories voiced over by a calming voice that will surely help your kids feel relaxed and even fall asleep quickly.


Technology is truly helping us in many ways, even our kids to finish their schoolwork and being open to themselves with other people through utilizing applications. There are many mobile applications of meditation guides for kids that you can download easily. These are easy for your kids to operate, and wherever they go, they can access these anywhere. These applications will guide them on starting a quick meditation to help them start their day off right!

When it comes to guided kids meditation, there are many ways that you can utilize to help them control their emotions, manage their stress, and calm their thoughts when they are tested with stress and anxiety in their lives.

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