Easy Meditation Guide for Beginners

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Doctors recommend meditation to people; even students are asked to meditate because meditation increases concentration. If we see someone meditating, it mind seem a little difficult if we focus on their techniques, especially if we are a first-timer. However, here is an easy meditation guide for beginners. 

Easy Ways Of Meditating

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People who have never meditated before might find it difficult to meditate because merely sitting in one place trying to concentrate is a little difficult. But with these easy methods, meditation can be really easy for people who haven’t had a hang of it yet.

Choose The Right Environment

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Environment matters a lot in meditation, especially for those who are not used to it. If you are trying to meditate in a place where there is hustle, then it’s obvious to land up with a headache. You need to find a quiet place where there is silence. It is best if you have greenery around. Most importantly, the place where you sit while meditating should be comfortable. You can’t possibly meditate on a chair that pricks.

Stick To The Time

Professional people meditate for hours. But if you are a beginner sitting idle doing nothing might be a little difficult. For beginners, we suggest picking a particular time for meditating and choose the duration you are comfortable in. What matters most in meditation is consistency. Make sure you stick to the time and duration. For example, if you are meditating at 6.00 am in the morning for 15 minutes, it’s perfectly fine as long as you stay consistent.

The Posture Should Be Right While Meditating.

If your posture is wrong while meditating, you might not witness any difference in the beginning, but if you are continuously meditating, sitting in the wrong posture might affect your spine, and you might land up with back pain. If you are trying meditation for the first time, you should consult an expert or refer to YouTube tutorials while meditating.

Focus On Your Breathing And Release Your Tensions

You should allow your tensions and anxieties to relax and release them while meditating. You can do that by blocking your mind while meditating. Do not think of anything while meditating. Also, focus on your breathing pattern. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. This breathing style will help you intake a lot of oxygen which will make your mind fresh. While you are breathing, feel the air in your belly. A simple tip for beginners is just to be aware of your breathing cycle while meditating. When you breathe in and breathe out, make sure you are aware of it every time you do so.


Therefore the easy meditation guide for beginners states that if you are meditating for the first time, make sure the place where you are meditating is quiet and there is a lot of fresh air available. You maintain a routine for meditation and stick to the duration. Even if you are meditating for a few minutes, it’s ok if you do it on a regular basis, maintain the correct posture by consulting an expert or referring to YouTube

tutorials and make sure you are aware and totally conscious when you are breathing in and breathing out.

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