6 Weird Facts About Buddhism You Should Know (#4 Is The Weirdest)

If you’re too much in love with the Western culture, then there are probably several strange things you normally find about Christianity. But do you know Buddhism also got some weird stuff? This is according to some scholars who have managed to read through several bunches of books on Buddhism.

The Buddha Figure You Normally See In Most Chinese Restaurant Is Not The Original Buddha

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This might sound somewhat strange, but it’s a fact. This means that the fat Buddhist figure most people put money on at almost every Chinese Restaurant isn’t the original Buddha. The name of the Buddha you usually see is Buddai, but the original Buddha was Siddharta Gautama.

Buddai was a strange Zen monk who existed in China in the early 1900s. He was weird in the sense that he used to carry with him a stick with a bag on it. Even though not all Buddhists, Chinese Buddhist thought that he had reached illumination. Buddai is famous for dropping his bag and then saying, “what is the meaning of Zen.” He would then take up his bag and continue with his journey.

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