Movement Meditation

6 Ways Of Practicing Movement Meditation

As its name suggests, movement meditation is a meditative state achieved through simple movements. This kind of meditation is considered the right way of creating awareness while calming the body and the mind. It is entirely different from regular meditative sessions associated with sitting, lying, or stillness in comfortable postures. Even mobility can offer the right path to effective contemplation. Some forms of moving meditation include Sufi whirling, walking a labyrinth, tai chi, aikido, and qigong.

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Movement Meditation: 6 Ways To Practice

Movement Meditation – Learn Some Common Forms

Before starting, learn some common forms of mobile meditation. This will work for you. You can learn about walking meditation, yoga, pilates, tai chi, and qigong. Sufi whirling is a more esoteric kind of moving meditation. It is a fabulous style for beginners.

Choose Activities You Are Comfortable With

There are innumerable activities that you can choose from for practicing mobile meditation. However, the thing that you need to work on is competence. Your mind would not find it easy to calm down if you are trying to stand up on a surfing board for the first time. Therefore, it makes complete sense to stick with movement practices. This way, your mind will not find it difficult to relax and to get going with the flow.

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Movement Meditation: 6 Ways To Practice

Go For A Walk

Going for mindful walks can offer a good boost to your mental well-being. Choosing to walk in the park will bring you close to nature. This will have a positive impact on your cognitive skills. It will also help to reduce tension, anxiety, fatigue, and sadness. Plus, transferring yourself into a meditative state while walking will also help you establish a deep connection with the workout.

Try A Yoga Posture

Yoga postures are meditative movements help to deal with chronic pain. In addition, yoga poses instill inner peace and well-being that has a lot to do with your mental and physical health. Yoga helps a person to live happier and to suffer less.

Movement Meditation – Lighten Up

There is no use contemplating on whether it is working for you or not. Also, do not get bogged down by pondering on what is the right way of moving. Simply go with your flow, and you will feel some lightness emerging.

Opt For Different Techniques

Lastly, always try to diversify the different varieties of mobile meditation techniques that you practice. Practicing the same type every day can make the whole procedure boring. Ultimately, your mind will not have the motivation to calm down and relax.

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