5 Most Powerful And Effective Spiritual Heart Meditation Techniques That Will Soothe Your Soul

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The popular saying by one and only Gautam Buddha states that meditation leads to wisdom and eradicates ignorance. It helps you know your true self and brings serenity. Spiritual heart meditation is one of those powerful weapons you can be on the path towards success.

However, the definition of success is often misconceived. Here, by the word “success,” we don’t mean your academic grades, businesses, or profits, nor your position in society or your relations. But, if you are successful as a person and to be a successful person, you need to be true to yourself with peace and harmony without any outside validation.

Here we have listed five powerful and effective spiritual heart meditation techniques that you must practice and follow.

Top 5 Spiritual Heart Meditation Techniques By Experts To Find Solace And Peace

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Mantra Meditation

The significance of mantra meditation is famous since ancient times when monks or Spiritual Gurus Or Rishis practiced it. Disciples in their Ashrams and schools were also engaged in following mantra meditation.

In this kind of spiritual heart meditation, a holy religious mantra-like “Om” is chanted with breathing. This is an ideal mediation technique to remove negativity and fear from our minds.

Mindfulness Spiritual Heart Meditation

Where mantra meditation is concerned with chanting vocal cords, mindfulness meditation is practiced to integrate with your body and mind. It aims to bring all our senses together in one place so that we can meet our true selves and the purpose of our life and existence.

Chakra Meditation

This is one of the effective forms of spiritual meditation practiced in ancient times. The concept is found in the early traditions of Hinduism that have healing properties. There are a total of 7 vital chakras that are considered while practicing this chakra meditation.

Present Moment-Gratitude Heart Meditation

This particular kind of spiritual heart meditation focuses on bringing happiness and peace within our souls. This is concerned with the thinking of being satisfied and grateful for what we have rather than possessing greed that decays your mind.

Transcendental Meditation

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi formulated this technique of spiritual meditation during the mid-1950s. It is a non-religious kind of meditation practice and is performed for relaxation and stress management. It also claims to cure various heart diseases and diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Kundalini Meditation

This meditation is one of the types of yoga meditation practices. This meditation is performed to relieve anxiety and also claims to build a strong immune system and mental resilience. It is a prominent way to calm your heart and brings clarity to your thoughts which helps you in different aspects of your life.


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However, other than above mentioned spiritual heart meditation techniques, there are various other proven mediation methods such as panic meditation, focused mediation, and many more. There are multiple noted results of practicing meditation, and we can not deny that it makes you a better human for yourself and for peace.

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