4 Ways To Teach Meditation To Kids

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Teaching meditation to your kids can be an amazing way to spend quality time with them as meditation helps to stay calm and focused. Knowing the benefits of meditation, more and more families are making it a part of their lives. Teaching meditation to your kids can take some time and patience, but it is worth it.

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1. Set an example

One way to get your kids involved in meditation is by doing it in front of them without asking them to join in. This way you set an example to them, when kids see you doing things passionately, they feel like joining in.

Here, how it works; set a daily routine to a time and choose a place in your house where your kids can notice you working out. Say nothing, just do your things and let them notice.

2.Make It Fun For Them

If setting up an example by yourself doesn’t work with your kids, it’s maybe because meditation seems boring to them. Children love to do things that seem joyful and fun to them. When you want to teach meditation to kids, always start with easy and less time-consuming activities. You can start with simple breathing and then slowly move towards focus-based exercises. Once they are comfortable with things, only then try to level up things.

3.Focus On State Of Mind Rather Than Results

In the beginning, your focus should be on making your kids feel good and comfortable with meditation rather than forcing them to do things perfectly. If you’re gonna pressurize them to do things perfectly from the word go, they won’t be able to do it. Instead, teach them one thing at a time. For example, during the meditation, you can tell them about some small corrections and different ways of doing the same things. They will not feel burdened this way.

4.Send Your Kids To Meditation classes

If you find it tough to teach meditation to your kid, there are classes for meditation where an instructor will teach them about meditation. This way you can save your time if you have a busy life.  But if you should still consider doing meditation with your kids either at home or at a meditation class, it helps them a lot and helps to form a bond between you and your kids.


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There are a lot of ways to get your kids involved in meditation. Just figure out what’s gonna work for them. You can start by doing things on your own, if you yourself are into meditation then it can be easy for you to get them involved in it. If you are not, then get them to join some meditation classes. Just make sure that you make things easy and fun for them.

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